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  • Vitargo Vitargo +
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Vitargo Carboloader is the premier product for endurance athletes wishing to carbo-load (carbohydrate loading) to maximize glycogen stores in the muscles before a competition. Carbo-loading before a race is easy with Vitargo Carboloader. Get the edge over your competitors whose glycogen levels aren't at their maximum. The more glycogen you hold the more energy you'll be able to retrieve, outlasting the rest of the competition.Vitargo Carboloader is also recommended for bodybuilders to consume post-workout in order to quickly refill glycogen storages, allowing for  improved muscle building.Vitargo Carboloader has the same serving size as Vitargo Pure, but with even more carbohydrate content! Vitargo, as you probably know by now, is considered the best carbohydrate for athletes, designed to travel quickly through your stomach and get absorbed immediately, giving you the powerful and long-lasting energy you need.Unlike regular carbs that hang around in your stomach for some time, Vitargo passes through quickly, preventing stomach cramps and bloating while you perform. Vitargo is a patented name for a carbohydrate molecule (high molecular weight). It is semi-chemically digested, passes most easily through the stomach and is most rapidly broken down into glucose, and is further absorbed into the bloodstream. That makes him the No. 1 candidate. to generate energy and accelerate recovery. But that’s not all! With vitarga you will be able to receive the most creatine into your cells, making it a better means of creatine filling and maintenance than glucose.
RECOMMENDATION: 1 sachet directly after competition/training. 1 sachet is dissolved in 600-700mls of water During competition and training: during physical work lasting more than 45 minutes, your intake of water should also contain carbohydrates.
1 sachet per hour. 1 sachet is dissolved in 800-1000 mls of water.
A dietary supplement is not a substitute or replacement for a balanced diet.

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