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– Fast and effective natural hydration
– No added sugars, made with real fruit
– Gluten-free and vegan friendly
– Hypotonic recipe for effective rapid rehydration
– Available in 4 varieties of flavour: Passo (Mango & Fruit Passion), Solo (Golden Apricot & Sage), Vivo (Peach Raspberry & Rose hip), and Attivo (Wild Strawberry & Basil)

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A refreshingly pure infusion of real fruit & botanicals with nature's finest electrolytes & no added sugar. Golden Apricot & Sage This simple, pure Real Hydration & Electrolyte Powder is clean and deliciously light tasting to keep you replenished and your palate fresh, all day long. Perfect for short high-intensity sessions & long low-intensity exercise. Drink before, during & after to maximise your workout. Dried Coconut Water & Pink Himalayan Salt Coconut water is nature’s secret weapon against dehydration. It's rich in natural electrolytes, potassium, magnesium & Vitamin C - a simple drying process locks in all the natural minerals & vitamins ready to be released when you add water. Pink Himalayan salt is the purest salt on the planet & a source of over 84 vital macrominerals including sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, iron & phosphorus. Hypotonic Not only do the ingredients quickly dissolve in water, but due to their hypotonicity they are rapidly & efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream (39) too, helping ensure energy is delivered exactly when you need it, straight to your working muscles, without digestive backloads/bloat. Drink Before You're Thirsty For endurance exercise lasting longer than 60 minutes, it's important to replace fluids, electrolytes & calories if you want to avoid the effects of dehydration & fatigue. Recommended usage: Mix a single sachet with 500ml of cold water & shake well. Consume within 24 hours. 500ml 1-2 hours before prolonged or intense exercise 150-200ml immediately before you begin 500-750ml per hour during extended exercise 500ml within 20 minutes of finishing exercise Solo - Golden Apricot & Sage Full electrolyte replacement without the calories. A delicious mix of Golden Apricot & Sage, Solo offers 350mg sodium & 240mg Potassium with no added sugars. Perfect all day hydration to keep you fresh and replenished.

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