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  Turmeric longa contains curcuminoids (including cucumin, demethoxy-curcumin and bisdemethoxy-curcumin) which are  very powerful antioxidants  . Curcumin  inhibits angiogenesis, growth, proliferation and migration of cancer cells as well as the activity of the proinflammatory enzyme cox 2 (which prevents the maturation of T lymphocytes and promotes tumor growth), induces apoptosis (programmed death of cancer cells), blocks the kinases that are responsible for uncontrolled multiplication of cancer cells. In 1993, Taiwanese researchers discovered that curcumin blocked PKC kinases. Blocking kinases is just one of the anticancer properties of Curcumin. The problem with effective Curcumin treatment,   however, is its poor absorption into the blood. In fact, research conducted in Vancouver, Canada as in other research centers around the world has concluded that only an infinitesimal portion of  Curcumin  actually reaches the blood, the rest being eliminated through feces. It is good to add a bio-potentiator such as  BROMELAINE . - is a powerful 100% natural anti-inflammatory helping to reduce inflammation, - is a powerful antioxidant protecting the body against oxidative stress, - supports joint health, helps stimulate the recovery of connective tissue and synovial fluid, - protects the DNA, - anticancer and antitumor action, - beneficial action in degenerative diseases (Sclerosis, Dementia, Senile Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis), - neuroprotective action, by chelating excess copper and iron that can cause brain disorders (eg memory impairment), - helps to eliminate unpleasant manifestations during the menstrual cycle, - contributes to reducing the effects of aging and improving longevity, - contributes to the detoxification of the body, - supports the normal functioning of the hepatic system, - supports the normal functioning of the respiratory system, - supports the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, - supports the normal functioning of the immune system,

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