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  • 23g high-quality whey protein per serving
  • Four delicious easy-to-mix flavors
  • High in leucine and BCAAs
  • Added digestion support

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Primeval Labs Whey

What Is Primeval Labs Whey?

Primeval Labs is proud to announce the release of its latest protein powder offering -- WHEY. WHEY is a 100% whey protein concentrate that is delicious, easy to mix, and affordable.* As you know, Primeval Labs is no stranger to the protein game.* Our ISOLIT Whey Isolate is regarded as one of the best-tasting protein powders on the market and served as proof-positive that whey protein isolate could taste just as rich, thick, and delicious as whey concentrate.* Still, we know that many fitness enthusiasts love the taste, texture, and price point of whey protein concentrate.* So, we set out to create a rich, creamy, delicious-tasting whey protein concentrate that surpassed all others.* The result of that endless toiling and testing was Primeval Labs WHEY.*

Who is Primeval Labs Whey For?

Primeval Labs WHEY was created for the fitness enthusiast, gym rat, or weekend warrior in search of a truly delicious tasting protein powder.* If you’re tired of bland, thin-tasting protein powders, or ones that result in GI upset, then Primeval Labs WHEY is for you.* Primeval Labs created WHEY to be the best-tasting, highest-quality protein powder on the market, bar none.*

Primeval Whey Highlights:

  • 23g high-quality whey protein per serving
  • FOUR delicious flavors*
  • Thick, creamy texture*
  • REAL cookie pieces (in Cookies N' Cream flavor)*
  • Superior mixability*
  • Promotes muscle protein synthesis*
  • Supports muscle growth and recovery*
  • High in leucine and BCAAs*
  • Added digestive enzyme blend featuring DigeSEB™ for improved digestion and nutrient absorption*

Primeval Labs Whey

Whey protein is one of two proteins naturally occuring in milk (the other protein being casein).* It is high in protein and essential amino acids (particularly the BCAAs), which support muscle growth and recovery, and whey is also rapidly digested, making it an ideal choice for post-workout.* Whey protein is also portable and does not require refrigeration, which means gym goers have a high protein meal or snack at a moment’s notice without having to drag out a bunch of pots, pans, or plates.* For these reasons, whey protein has become one of the most popular supplements on the market, and it’s also one of the very first supplements an individual purchases when they enter the world of fitness.* The “issue” with whey protein is that there are sooooo many poor quality, poor tasting options on the market.* We set out to change that in short order.* Primeval Labs WHEY ushers in the next era of delicious-tasting proteins that not only help you hit your macros for the day but also leave you feeling incredibly satisfied.* Our products offer superior quality, performance and affordability. Each product is rigorously tested for purity and potency.*

Added Digestion Support

Whey protein offers high bioavailability, meaning that it is efficiently absorbed and utilized by the body.* Still, some individuals are weary to use whey protein concentrates due to its lactose content. We’ve addressed these issues by using a high-quality whey protein concentrate (which limits the amount of lactose present) and adding in a comprehensive digestive enzyme blend in DigeSEB™.* DigeSEB™ contains a unique mix of amylases, lactase, protease, lipase, and cellulase to improve the digestibility of a broad range of foods (dairy, in particular), thereby reducing the chance of GI upset while simultaneously enhancing nutrient absorption.*

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