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  • VITAMINS AND MINERALS | Our Boosted Vegan All-In-One is a plant-based protein powder that provides 21 g of protein per serving, naturally-sourced vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, 7 g of fibre and 0 g of sugar.
  • MORINGA AND RED MARINE ALGAE| A whole food blend of 39 superfoods, greens, veggies, fruits, antioxidants with the added boost from Moringa and red marine algae (Aquamin)
  • HEALTHY FATS | This whole-food based supplement contains four healthy fats sourced from Canadian flax, coconut oil, avocado, and chia.
  • ENZYME AND PROBIOTIC SUPPORT | Our Boosted Vegan All-In-One is both enzyme and probiotic fortified with Bacillus subtilis DE11 and Lactobacillus fermentum for improved digestion, absorption and a healthy immune system
  • REPAIR AND REBUILD MUSCLE | Protein is vital to build and repair body tissue and fight viral and bacterial infections. Immune system powerhouses such as antibodies and immune system cells rely on protein

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Our Boosted Vegan All-In-One is a 100 percent whole-food-based protein supplement. This super nutrient-rich plant-based protein powder is formulated with sprouted and fermented non-GMO plant-based proteins, probiotics and enzyme fortified for easier digestion. This next-level “all in one shake” provides 5 plant-based proteins including sprouted water lentil protein. It also provides a potent raw whole food blend of 39 greens, veggies, fruits, antioxidants. This formula also provides Moringa, commonly referred to as “nature’s multivitamin & mineral” and Aquamin (red marine algae) one of the most mineral rich plants known! The addition of prebiotic fibres, probiotics, omega-3 EFAs (essential fatty acids) further balances out this formula. BOOSTED VEGAN ALL-IN-ONE is the next evolution in ‘all in one’ food-based shakes. Drink one and TASTE the difference. Have a BOOSTED day!

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