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  • Crazy Insane Energy
  • Muscle Pumps You Won’t Believe
  • Increase Focus, Drive & Power
  • Great Flavours: Cereza Lime, Fairground Apple & Mango Foxtrot

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Unleash the power within you with Merica Labs Castle Bravo, the pre-workout supplement that will take your training to explosive new heights. Packed with a potent blend of carefully selected ingredients, Castle Bravo is designed to give you the energy, focus, & endurance needed to conquer your workouts like never before. Main Ingredients L-Citrulline Malate (7000mg): Boosts nitric oxide production, enhancing blood flow to muscles for improved pumps & nutrient delivery Beta Alanine (3200mg): Reduces muscle fatigue & helps you push through those last few challenging reps Peak02 (2000mg): A powerful blend of adaptogenic mushrooms to enhance endurance & overall performance L-Tyrosine (2000mg): Supports cognitive function & mental focus during intense training sessions Caffeine Anhydrous (350mg): Provides a surge of energy and alertness to keep you motivated & driven Alpha-GPC 50% (300mg): Enhances mind-muscle connection & supports neurotransmitter function Pine Bark Extract (250mg): Rich in antioxidants, it aids in reducing oxidative stress & supporting overall well-being Caffeine Citrate (200mg): A fast-acting form of caffeine for an immediate energy boost ElevATPâ’¸ (150mg): A combination of ancient peat & apple extract to increase ATP production & improve performance Theobromine HCI (100mg): A natural stimulant that promotes sustained energy & mood elevation Synephrine HCI (30mg): Supports metabolism & helps promote fat breakdown during workouts Huperzia serrata Extract (20mg): Enhances mental clarity & focus by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase Mercina Labz Castle Bravo: Key Benefits Experience explosive energy & unstoppable drive during your workouts Achieve skin-splitting pumps & increased nutrient delivery to muscles Reduce muscle fatigue, allowing for longer & more intense training sessions Heighten mental focus & clarity, keeping you in the zone Boost endurance & performance with Peak02's adaptogenic support Improve mind-muscle connection for more controlled & effective lifts Enhance overall well-being with the antioxidant-rich Pine Bark Extract Support fat burning and metabolism with Synephrine HCI Don't settle for mediocre workouts; embrace the power of Merica Labs Castle Bravo & unleash the beast within. With its precise formulation of cutting-edge ingredients, this pre-workout is your ticket to pushing past limits to achieve new heights of strength & performance. Get ready to dominate the gym & leave a lasting impact on your fitness journey. Grab your Castle Bravo today & experience the ultimate transformation.

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