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Every once in a while you cross paths with a brand that is innovative AF. They want to bring the best to market, stuff we've never seen before. Inspired Nutraceuticals has been a pioneer in this category. They are the creators of DVST8 which has been ranked #1 on our site several times. They are also now leading the movement towards more functional benefits in traditional categories in sports nutrition.

Inspired Nutraceuticals Protein+ is the first protein of its kind. Infused whey collagen peptides, Protein+ is more than just a bodybuilding supplement. Yes, you get the benefit of high quality protein, but you also get the benefit of collagen peptides which has been shown to improve hair, nails and skin health. To boot, they add ProHydrolase which aids in the digestibility of the protein allowing our bodies to utilize it quicker. Protein+ is an advanced protein that could impact the way other brands innovate when it comes to your traditional protein category.

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