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Anyone who is in fitness has heard creatine monohydrate at least a thousand times. There is no other supplement that is more popular or has been studied more than creatine. In a recent survey, more than 40% of athletes claim that they have used or continue to use creatine. Although creatine is considered one of the best selling and safest supplements on the market, there is still a huge amount of misinformation and prejudices of its spread on the internet and around gyms. Intensity The reason why creatine monohydrate is so popular is that its main function is to improve energy production in cells. Your cells use a basic form of energy called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is considered to be the Holy Grail when doing high intensity exercises, since it is stored in limited quantities. When it comes to muscles, approximately 95% of the body's creatine is stored in the muscles in molecular form called creatine phosphate. The beauty of creatine phosphate is that it can replenish the body's ATP, which will allow muscle cells to produce more energy. The more creatine the body has, the more energy it will have. This will lead to longer training sessions and improved performance. Recovery Anyone who has had a strenuous workout knows what it feels like to wake up the next morning, his body is so sore that getting out of bed can be a workout in itself. While pain is a great sign that the body was pushed to its fullest, it can be irritating when it comes to performing daily tasks. In recent studies, researchers found that creatine can help muscles recover faster after a weightlifting session. Muscle mass There is nothing that creatine loves more than water. Its attraction is so strong with water that H20 is thrown into the muscles. This excess water in the muscles can cause water weight gain, but it can also make the muscles appear larger. Studies show that people who started taking creatine produced a weight gain of about 2.9 percent of their body weight. Although water-weight may not sound like an advantage, which will soon become muscle, creatine allows you to have more energy to lift harder and harder. Research has found that people who continued to take creatine after water weight removal saw a weight gain of 3 to 17 pounds of pure muscle. If you are tired of not seeing the results you want or feel as if you simply do not have enough energy to feed through your workout, then look for CREATINA INSANE LABZ for maximum purity.

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