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DESCRIPTION : The ES2000 is a high-quality, affordable plate-loaded multi-gym for your home or commercial facility. The Impulse ES2000 is one of the best-selling products in the Impulse Strength Encore line. Purpose built by an industry leading team, the ES2000 Multi-Gym will help you train your chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs all in the comfort of your own home or at a gym. With commercial grade build quality a highlight of this multi-gym, it makes for a reliable and low maintenance multi-functional trainer. KEY FEATURES: Made from thick steel, the frame is highly durable. To limit rust, peeling and increase aesthetics, the chassis is also covered with a layer of electrostatic paint. The sturdy cable is covered with a rubber outer layer, combined with pulleys to help support many different exercises. Depending on the requirements of each exercise, the pulley can be adjusted in height with many different positions from top to bottom to suit. The barbell design of the machine also supports bucket back exercises. Buttery smooth cable motion. Complete a plethora of various exercises. SPECIFICATIONS: Product Weight: 184 kg/ 405.7 lbs Dimensions: 2007x1724x2126mm Standard Accessory: POM Handle, Barbell bar storage, Short Pole, Ankle strap, Supoort strap, Double ended rope, Dip arm & Rowing foot pedal. Structure: Heavy-duty steel frame, powder coated. Color: Black - silver Combine different equipment to perform exercises such as squat rack, single bar, double bar, smith, double shoulder, long bucket, short bucket, etc. To learn more about this product, check out this DATA SHEET!




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