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2500mg BHB salts per serving to boost energy and focus*
Ketogenic fuel that supports quick, natural sustained energy*

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Evlution Nutrition KETO BHB uses only the highest quality BHB salts, with 2500mg of beta-hydroxybutyrate per serving. When you’re following a Ketogenic diet and low on glucose, BHBs can take over as the fuel source for your body and brain. With 2500mg of BHBs per serving versus the leading BHB pills at only 800mg per serving, Evlution Nutrition Keto BHB is your best choice to support your Ketogenic Diet, supplying 3x the BHBs to better keep you in ketosis.


KETO BHB fuels your body and brain with an alternative energy source when you limit carbs as part of a Ketogenic diet, helping you reach your lean body goals while staying focused and fit. KETO BHB provides 2500mg per serving in easy to take capsules so you can have a quick and convenient way to manage and boost your ketone levels knowing the exact amount you are taking. Made with the highest quality BHBs in the USA in an FDA registered plant using certified good manufacturing practices.

KETOGENIC DIET FUEL The key to getting the most out of your ketogenic diet and reaching your target weight is staying in ketosis, which is when your body becomes very effective at burning fat for energy. Supplementing with KETO BHB may help you stay in ketosis anytime you need added ketone support throughout the day to help you reach your lean body goals.
ENERGY AND ENDURANCE KETO BHB, which is short for Beta-hydroxybutyrate, provides your body and brain with an alternative energy source anytime you limit carbs as part of a Ketogenic diet. This helps keep your energy level and endurance high by using fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates.
MENTAL FOCUS Ketones produced while on a ketogenic diet are a powerful supplier of your brain’s energy needs. Your brain relies on fatty acids that are turned into ketones in the liver to power the energy producing mitochondria in the brain’s cells that increase ATP production, which delivers energy to the brain’s cells. All this helps increase mental focus to keep you alert throughout the day.
APPETITE SUPPORT Increasing your body’s ketone level may help keep your hunger in check. Increasing ketone levels while on a ketogenic diet has been shown in some studies to reduce the level of your hunger hormone, while increasing the level of the hormone that makes you feel fuller. This may help you stay within your calorie targets and remain on track with your ketogenic diet.

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