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  • Support Natural Testosterone
  • Increase Performance
  • Boost Sexual Libido
  • Anti-Estrogen

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WHAT IS TEST BOOSTER? THE MIKE O’HEARN TITAN SERIES TEST BOOSTER is an all-natural testosterone support supplement made for men looking to get bigger, stronger, and faster. Testosterone levels in men start to decline around the age of 30; this decline may cause a lack of energy, unwanted weight gain, decreased sexual performance, and a decrease in strength. Turn back the biological clock with test booster and get back to performing in the gym and in the bedroom. WHY IS IT BETTER? TEST BOOSTER contains a combination of clinically studied ingredients that have been shown to boost testosterone levels and to block estrogen. The trio of fenugreek extract, ashwagandha, and Tribulus Terrestris may help to increase strength and improve sexual function, while Eurycoma longifolia extract and indole 3-carbinol work to control estrogen levels and improve free test levels. WHAT’S IN IT? Fenugreek Extract helps to increase strength and body composition when paired with a resistance-training program and diet. Ashwagandha An adaptogen that helps to reduce cortisol levels and improve sexual health. Tribulus Terrestris Clinically studied ingredients shown to support healthy hormone levels, leading to an increase in sexual libido and performance. Bovine Colostrum Powder Shown to help improve strength and performance, which can lead to an increase in lean muscle mass when paired with a resistance-training program and diet. Indole 3-Carbinol An anti-estrogen that may help to limit the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. By controlling estrogen, Indole 3-Carbinol may help to improve free test levels. Eurycoma Longifolia Extract (more commonly known as longjack or tongkat ali) A herbal aphrodisiac that can help boost sexual libido and endurance

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