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  • Overall Health & Vitality+: The naturally occurring essential amino acids in Bee Pollen are the building blocks of protein, an essential nutrient which serves the body as a fuel source. The nutrients found in our Bee Pollen Powder support natural energy levels as well as overall health and vitality.+
  • Nature’s Perfect Food: Bee Pollen is considered “nature’s perfect food” to many because of its unique and wide variety of beneficial nutrients. We don’t believe in messing with what nature created, which is why our Bee Pollen Powder is raw (unprocessed) to maintain its naturally superior quality.
  • Simple Nutrition: BareOrganics keeps nutrition simple, meaning our products are free from preservatives, fillers and artificial ingredients prepared using processes like freeze-drying, low temperatures and cold-milling to ensure quality and integrity.
  • Essential Fuel: Superfoods deliver essential fuel for your body with unique micro and macronutrients to keep you feeling your absolute best. BareOrganics’ raw, organic foods make it easier for the body to recognize and utilize key nutrients.
  • Planet-Friendly Packaging: BareOrganics strives to create products that make you feel good about not only what you’re putting in your body, but how our products impact the environment as well. With the health of the planet in mind, we’ve made sure all our containers are 100% recyclable or biodegradable!

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bee pollen powder
Raw Bee Pollen Powder

Bee pollen is the pollen ball packed by worker bees, and is the food of the young bee. It is often called “nature’s perfect food,” and is considered a highly nutritious superfood and a source of essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Bee pollen provides unique health benefits, including energy and youthful vitality. Our powder is raw (unprocessed) in order to maintain maximum nutrient potency and superior quality.+

At BareOrganics, our mission is simple, just like our foods. We’re all about real nutrition for real people. We want to help you meet your daily nutrition goals, feel energized, and know that you’re getting your nutrients from the best raw, natural sources. Our superfoods are Natural, Chemical-Free and Non-GMO. Many are Gluten-Free and Vegan as well!

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BareOrganics Superfood Powders are incredibly versatile and can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. The opportunities are endless! Many of our powders can be sprinkled into sauces and entrees for an added dose of nutrition while our sweeteners can be used as healthy swaps for baking recipes and our snacks and seeds can be eaten alone as a snack when you’re on the go! Our Marine Super Greens Powder can be added to your favorite green smoothie or to recipes as desired.
We want BareOrganics to be enjoyed by everyone, which is why we've made it a point to be conscientious of several dietary restrictions. Most of our products are vegan and many are gluten-free as well, making our superfoods accessible to as many people as possible by keeping them as natural as possible. Our Marine Super Greens Powder is Keto & Paleo Friendly, Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and Vegan.
At BareOrganics, our goal is to create products that are good for your body and good for the planet. That’s why, with the health of the planet in mind, we’ve made sure all our containers are 100% recyclable or biodegradable! Even better, BareOrganics jars are microwavable and top-rack dishwasher safe, allowing them to be reused over and over! After filling your body with goodness, you can rest easy knowing you’re treating the planet with kindness.
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Life’s Complicated. Our Nutrition is Simple.

Superfoods provide you with the essential nutrients your body craves, so you feel simply amazing, every day. BareOrganics is proud to offer you some of nature’s most powerful Super Greens, Herbs & Roots, Mushrooms, Super Fruits, Snacks & Seeds and Baking Alternatives as well as Brew Cups, Herbal Extracts, Superfood Water Enhancers and more to help you reach your overall wellness goals.

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