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XLR8 BIOTECH L . I . G . A . N . D . R . O . L 60 CAPSULES


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  • Increase in Lean Body Mass
  • Increase in Strength
  • Decrease in Fat Mass
  • Increase in Senses of Well-Being
  • Decrease in Bone Turn-over rate

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L .I .g .a .n .d .r .o .l    L .G .D. 4 .0 .3 .3  is considered to be the most potent s. a . r. m . s  ever developed.  L .G .D  4. 0 .3 .3  raises anabolic activity in the muscles and bones while reducing muscle wasting and bone breakdown. Recent clinical trials attest to the best and safest way to use it to an extent. In clinical trials, L .G .D  4 .0 .3 .3 increased lean body mass and strength, decreased body fat, improved wellbeing, and enhanced the healing process. What’s good to know about  L .I .g .a .n .d .r .o .l  is that it selectively targets the androgen receptors on a cellular level leaving out the unwanted side effects caused by using  A .n .a .b .o .l .I .c   A .n .d .r .o .g .e .n .I .c   S .t .e .r .o .I .d .s. It has been widely considered as a highly effective PED for bulking and packing on some serious lean mass.

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