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  •  The RIGHT AMOUNT of fibre
  • The RIGHT KINDS of fibre
  • Helps eliminate food waste DAILY, PROPERLY, GENTLY
  •  And fortified WITH PREBIOTICS & PROBIOTICS for an even healthier digestive system
  •  Soy free, dairy free, wheat gluten free

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  1. DIGESTIVE HEALTH SUPPORT | A premium blend of fibre, essential fats and dairy-free probiotic.
  2. 14 G OF FIBRE (8 G OF SOLUBLE, 6 G OF INSOLUBLE) | Each serving provides a gut-healthy blend of six fibre sources: Canadian flax, psyllium husk, organic quinoa, organic chia, organic pumpkin and organic sprouted brown rice. One serving provides 50% of the recommended daily value for fibre.
  3. 6.5 G OF EFAS | Essential fats help sooth the gut for a gentler effect while also providing joint, heart and general health benefits.
  4. LOW FODMAP - GUT FRIENDLY | All of the ingredients chosen for Ultimate Daily Cleanse are low FODMAP. High-FODMAP foods can ferment in the gut, resulting in digestive issues for some. Our low FODMAP daily fibre cleanse provides a gentler choice for all individuals, including those suffering from most gastrointestinal issues.
  5. SOY, DAIRY, WHEAT AND GLUTEN-FREE INGREDIENTS | We’ve carefully chosen ingredients that are free of soy, dairy, wheat and gluten.
  6. Most North Americans only consume half of the recommended daily fibre. Ultimate Daily Cleanse™ helps fill that void by providing 50% of your daily fibre intake from real, whole-food based sources. Although fibre is essential for one’s health, choosing the right source, especially when you have gut issues, is critical. All of the ingredients chosen for this premium formula are low FODMAP. High-FODMAP foods can ferment in the gut, resulting in digestive issues for some. Our blend provides an excellent balance of soluble and insoluble fibre. Soluble fibre can lower cholesterol and control blood sugar levels. Insoluble fibre can help maintain regularity. Fibre can also bind to toxins and help the body eliminate them, nourish our friendly gut microbes and keep you satiated. The naturally occurring EFAs help keep things moving along gently and smoothly in your daily “cleanse.” The added probiotic bacterial culture helps populate your intestinal tract with gut-friendly bacteria, and in turn, aiding nutrient digestion and absorption. Here’s a healthy tip: Drink eight glasses of water every day to help keep things moving along and to ensure a gentler “cleansing” experience.

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