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  • TRI-PEP involves a “peptide” bonded amino acid structure to the individual branch chain amino acids. This “peptide” bond effectively changes the chemical structure of the BCAA from a hydrophobic (water repelling) substrate to one that is now hydrophyllic (water attracting).
  • TRI-PEP improves insulin sensitivity due to its non-caloric, non-carbohydrate gluconeogenisis to produce glycogen. This initiates in a rapid and more efficient use of triglycerides conversion to glycogen and thus results in body fat weight loss and a higher metabolic rate.
  • TRI-PEP works best with athletes who are pushing their bodies to failure and beyond. TRI-PEP re-fuels glycogen, blood plasma BCAA, and serum amino acids, resulting in an immediate increase in performance for all types of athletes!
  • For competitive bodybuilders and fitness athletes, taking TRI-PEP each and every time you engage in physical weight lifting would be very beneficial. Optimal dosage time would be to consume 1/3 of your TRI-PEP drink 15 minutes before workout, 1/3 during workout, and the final 1/3 after workout.

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