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To grow beyond your body, you have to push it; you have to feed it excess calories. Many think they are eating more, but often they are mistaken. If you can’t eat enough quality whole foods to get over the hump, you need to supplement – one that delivers quality macronutrients and digests quickly.

This pursuit of quality is what informed the formulation of Animal Mass with its multiple protein sources like whey isolates (WPI), hydrolyzed whey (WPH), micellar casein and egg albumin; several, easily digested, fiber-rich complex carbohydrate sources from oats and corn; and nutrient-laden essential fatty acid (EFA) sources like MCT oil and flax. All of this, together, enhanced by the proven digestive enzymes bromelain and papain. Each brawny bag of Animal Mass is loaded for bear.

Being packed with high quality, muscle-building nutrition wouldn’t be enough, though. It wasn’t sufficient to simply consume 640+ easily-digested anabolic calories in every shaker cup of Animal Mass. If you were going to commit yourself to making Mass a part of your daily regimen, it had to taste awesome. And in this way, once again, Mass is a massive triumph.

For more than three decades, Animal has shared your mission… To grow bigger and stronger every day. Like you, that desire is a part of who we are. Animal Mass is the manifestation of this approach to living. To grow and evolve always, not just as a passing fancy, but as a philosophy that defines us. Mass for today. Mass for tomorrow. Mass for life. Live large with Animal Mass.

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