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  • Amazing New Taste!
  • 64 Grams Protein – Per 4 Scoop Serving
  • Science – Innovation – Quality – Results
  • AM – PM – Post
  • Rapid Mass Gain Catalyst

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Amazing New Taste! 60 Grams Protein - Per 4 Scoop Serving Science - Innovation - Quality - Results AM - PM - Post Rapid Mass Gain Catalyst Based on Research at California State University Gain Lean Body Mass Fast 1010 Nutrient-Dense Calories Increase Calorie Activation Zero Sugars Added 3:1 Carb:Pro Dietary Supplement Informed Choice - Trusted by Sport Lab Tested - Every Ingredient Every Lot CGMP Registered Facility 100% Whole Protein Source Kosher Dairy No Artificial Color/Dye Natural & Artificial Flavors. Sweetened with Sucralose 3rd Party Tested - For Banned SubstancesLean Mass Gains: Over 1,000 Calories Per Serving!1010 Calories Per ServingUniversity Research-Based Science For Maximum Mass: Quickmass packs 1010 Mass-Building Calories into every serving in cold water, no milk required! During one 8-week Gold-Standard (double-blind, placebo-controlled) study conducted at California State University, test subjects provided the same calorie content as 2 servings of Quickmass per day gained 4.5 times as much fat-free mass and increased chest size by 1 inch.Mass ProMassPro creates a rapid and sustained delivery of muscle-building proteins that work continuously all day to help you recover and grow. Power up your muscle protein synthesis and fuel your Lean Mass Gains!Carb PlexOptimal 3:1 Carb to Protein Ratio: CarbPlex provides the calories your body needs to grow All Day with ultimate Mass Fuel for your gains! The Quickmass carbohydrate blend is powered by healthy, long-chain and complex carbohydrates such as sweet potato, rolled oats and quinoa along with scientifically studied and tested carbs like Cyclo-D and Vita Fiber, a natural pre-biotic.NP5 TechnologyCalorie Absorption Complex: Enhance your lean mass gains by absorbing nutrients better. Rapid gains in lean body mass depend on dramatic increases in calories and absorbing them! Patented Cinnulin PF, a natural extract of cinnamon, dramatically enhances the way your body absorbs calories

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Marvin Pasamata (verified owner)

    Very great quality.

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